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06 May 2019

How to arrive to the FLASH STAGE?

Thursday, May 9 at 16:00 h

The FLASH STAGE of La Rioja Bike Race will start at the La Grajera Institutional Wineries, 6 kilometers from the Paddock, located as every year in the Palacio de Deportes de La Rioja, and 15 minutes by bicycle to the rhythm of a walk, where the Santiago's road.

This route will be marked, follow the arrows at all time. 

The organisation recommendation is that riders park in the vicinity of the Palacio de Deportes de La Rioja, pick up your number, prepare you and move by bicycle to the start. May take with them warm clothes and a backpack / bag where to deposit it together to the identification bracelet (cloakroom enabled).

Team vehicles can access and arrive, bypassing the LO-20 motorway (8 minutes). It is best to enter the coordinates in the browser.

Check the schedule, here.

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