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20 Apr 2022


After the amazing welcome in the Andalucía Bike Race by GARMIN, the services by ASIC LIMITS will be available again, this time in Logroño.

Let’s say you don’t want to worry about anything after you finish the race or that you want your legs to be as good as new for the next day's stage, or if you just want to enjoy a nice wine in Calle Laurel… Do not worry, ASIC LIMITS will take care of everything.

Because thanks to their mechanics service, and official physical therapy you can forget about everything and focus on enjoying it. Moreover, so you have a wide range of possibilities, you can now book if you’d like, a physical therapy session or the mechanical service by themselves or both combined.

The mechanical service includes a set up the day before the first stage, also they will set it up for you if you bring it in a box, there will be pressure checks and small details after every stage, cleaning, greasing and checks at the end of every day and a set up the last day so you get home with your bike ready for the next adventure. All the cleaning and greasing procedures are included. If you are in need of a replacement it will be charged separately.

Price of the mechanical service: 120€ per participant

For the physical therapy service they include 3 of 45 minute massages. One each stage. The role and objective of this service is to reduce muscular overloads, contractures that can happen during race days. Also to treat injuries that might appear. Intensive friction techniques, moderate massage, palm pressure, vibration techniques, stretching, etc are used.

Moreover, before each stage, the ASIC LIMITS team will be at the beginning of the race to apply self heating cream and activate the muscles to endure the daily challenges.

Price of the physical therapy service: 120€

If you’d like to book the combined pack with the mechanical and physical therapy service the total price per participant is 210€

To book the services, you have to do it directly in the ASIC LIMITS website, in this link:


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